BL Chain

Product Brief

BL Chain (Brand Link Chain)is a brand token ecosystem based on the blockchain technology, which implements the value interconnections, brand co-building and sharing of tokens between merchants and customers by the construction of decentralized credibility system. Customers may take part in the merchants’ brand building via WOMM and share the brand tokens accordingly. The brand value interconnections will strengthen the customer relationship, assist the enterprises to explore the brand influence and enhance the customer loyalty.

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Product Features


Credit Enhancement

  • In the traditional marketing model, the individual customers have low understanding and credit of the merchant. WOMM and close-connections can enhance the product and brand experience, solve the trust endorsement and get the merchants closer to the customers


  • The diversification of the target customers causes low marketing efficiency. WOMM can implement the fragmented transmission of customers, by sharing with friends to form the marketing effect.

Easy Entry

  • The WOMM model doesn’t need any fee or marketing knowledge. Customers may act as spokesman of the favorite brand, share the experience to the Moments and obtain the bonus rewards. This will lead the customer to exercise their brand tokens and lower the marketing entry barrier.


  • WOMM is different from the traditional marketing. It emphasizes the value transmission of the experience, share the product experience, brand story, and commodity information to the moments and attract more people to follow the brand.

Cost Effective

  • WOMM implements decentralization, establishes the brand incentive mechanism, and encourages users to promote the brand. Award the customers brand tokens, transmits cost feedback to the customer, enhance the recognition, engagement and satisfaction according to the contribution.

Data Collection

  • Merchants are unable to obtain users data under traditional model. While WOMM can have permit merchants to record customers individual data and inter data, to realize data collection.

Tech Features



  • Realize the peer-to-peer value transmission, deduce the impact of centralization. Avoid the merchant centralization during the value transmission and reduce the behavior randomness under WOMM.

Transparence and Tamper-Proof

  • Blockchain is a digitized, decentralized public ledger, a technology maintained and recorded by multiple participants and data stored in the form of blocks, and accessed and transitioned with cryptology. Every transaction is open and transparent and tamper-proof such as the release, trading and exchange of the brand equity under the WOMM, which protects customers’ equity effectively.

Value Solidification

  • With the advantages of transparence and tamper-proof, blockchain technology can adjust the value of the brand equity, protect the customer’s value of brand equity and reduce merchant’s control of the brand equity under WOMM.